Saturday, July 26, 2014

Glorious Summer

Summer has been busy this year. With the warm, humid winds and the golden-green foliage of the season, come excited children ready for lessons, frisky horses ready for training, and visitors ready to enjoy the amenities and programs on the farm. The fields are now doted with vermillion-flocked wild flowers and heavy-headed daisies, drooping in the heat. Cicadas sing in the trees and tiny, young frogs navigate through dried, browning clover. The dirt roads kick up dust while slender, shiny snakes curl in the warmth. When evening falls, the farm takes on a tranquil cloak and fireflies glitter in the darkness while bats flutter across a cool, glowing moon. The world becomes silent except for the occasional chirps of ebony crickets. Summer is the time to revel on the farm and to relax at the end of long, warm days.