Friday, June 23, 2017

Summer Arrives

So begins the long, warm days of summer. In the morning, dew lays heavy upon the fields and a calming silence enshrouds the farm. As afternoon approaches, life awakens and vibrates the air with sounds. The grass in the pasture is already showing hues of gold and lime as it drys and stiffens in the hot sun. The ewes in are flock are relieved that their lambs have been sold, so now they can fatten up before the heat gets sweltering. The horses are enjoying the last of being relatively fly-free since the dripping humidity will summon up the ruthless deer and horse flies. While the fowl scurry around, the they gobble up the maggots before they can evolve into flying pests. The heat slows life down and all the animals loll and languish in it.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Goodbye, Gainango

We said goodbye to our wonderful stud, Gainango after he bred one of our mares. With the looming time constraints now and in the future, we sold Go to a farm where he will enjoy his golden days as a pasture sire with a herd of mares. He was a wonderful, mellow guy and he will be missed. We look forward to his coming foal and its promising future.

Retired Racehorse Project, Our Mares

We are competing in the Retired Racehorse Project where you take an off the track thoroughbred, train them in a discipline such as eventing or trail, and then compete against contestants from around the country at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky in October. We purchased two mares, Tammy's Choice, a muscular, 6 year old, bay mare that raced in Canada and Halo, a wiry, creamy bay, 5 year old mare that raced in Michigan. We will be competing the gals in eventing, where they will be facing 182 other OTTBs in battle composed of three disciplines, stadium jumping, dressage and cross country jumping. Halo is clearly the alpha of the pair and can get quite jealous if you talk to Tammy's Choice without saying hello to her first. Tammy is more laid back but needs more conditioning to properly balance her muscles. We have a long way to go but are excited about the competition!